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At GLO we are committed to giving the best service and the best results for your individual needs. We also want the best hair care for you to continue the good work at home. We are proud to partner with the hottest Australian brand KEVIN.MURPHY

All the products are paraban and sulphate free, but most importantly cruelty free.

We offer expert advice to find the right hair care for you

Looking for some extra length or volume?

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best locks they can achieve, therefore our stylists are trained in Beauty Works luxury hair extensions . The choice of many celebrities across the world.

Contact us for free a consultation and see the results we can achieve.

Olaplex is sweeping the globe as it's revolutionised the hair industry with its strengthening properties. We are excited about the results we see in our clients. Whether you are a blonde or a natural brunette, if you find that you need more to strengthen your hair then contact us for an Olaplex treatment service. We will continue to give you the best advice to keep your locks healthy and strong. 

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